Ryotei (Private Rooms)

We treat each dish with all our heart.
Whether 2 people or large company, we prepare Japanese and Western rooms which
you can feel the season close at hand.


※In addition to there, we prepare various rooms to suit a number of people.


Fugetsuro's Kaiseki-dishes reflect each season.Changing season garnish a table with coloring.
We have an assortment of local sake of Shizuoka.Please enjoy drinking with the dish.

Lunch 11:00〜13:00(L.O.)/ Dinner 17:00〜19:00(L.O.)
It's a reservation system. Please make a reservation at least 2days in advance.

※Consumption tax(VAT) will be added to the price above.

You can enjoy the season by your eyes and tongue with Kaiseki-dishes' tradition that cares for the season.
We are proud of cooking at Shizuoka where are blessed with foods.
We use seafood and food from the land with balanced and bring out the taste of the ingredients.
We pursue real Kaiseki-dishes, and we are waiting for you.

Fugetsuro Chef
Hitoshi Yamada

The above photos are the image of the dishes.
We think foods in season carefully each day. For this reason, dishes are different from the photos.
Thank you for your understanding.